Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

1.Title. legal or beneficial, to any goods supplied by the company does not pass to the customer until payment has been made in full.

2.Invoices are due for payment by the last day of the month following the month of invoice. Late accounts may result in orders being held until the payment is received. Overdue accounts will render the whole account as being overdue, in which case we reserve the right to recover from customers all costs, charges and expenses incurred by us or our agents in the collection of monies on overdue accounts. Should the use of agents be necessary to recover any monies owed, all credit facilities will be removed and any special terms applied to the account.

3.New Accounts: Customers who wish to open a credit account should apply for a Credit Application Form. In the meantime, initial orders ared supplied against cleared funds with order. New cash and carry customers will be asked for two trade invoices and for first time order cash only will be accepted. GTC reserve the right to refuse if a prospective customer does not appear to have a legitimate business.

4.Credit Limits: Customers will be informed of their credit limit upon the opening of a credit account.

5.Customers must not exceed their credit limit without the company's agreement. However, if any customer wishes to have a credit review they may of course make an approach to the coompany, but the final decision rests with the company. If in the meantime the customer exceeds his/her limit, we will request that a payment be forwarded to bring the account back into the agreed limit. If you have any queries please discuss with Credit Control.

6.Unpaid Cheques: Charge of £15 (fifteen pounds) will be made on any cheques returned to us unpaid, whatever the reason.

7.Minimum Order: To cover the cost of administration, a surcharge of £ 3.50 (three pounds fifty pence) will be levied on all orders under £20 (twenty pounds). Band 1 customers only.

8.On an annual basis GTC will review all account activity and reserve the right to revert customers with an annual spend of less than £500.00 to a Proforma account. Credit facilities will be forfeited withount written notification.

9.Back Orders: Goodwill Trophy Company (GTC) do not offer a back order system, items marked out of stock (oos) should be reordered.

10.Substitutes: Unless stated, we will substitute the nearest item to the one ordered. This is to ensure you have some stock to offer your customer rather than nothing. If a substitution is unacceptable, we will credit on return provided it is received in a good condition. No restocking charge will apply.

11.Order Additions: Every effort will be made to add order additions to the original order. However, should it not be possible to add to the original order the additions will be treated as a seperate order with the appropriate carriage charges.

12.Claims: No responsibility can be accepted for any marble in transit. Claims will be allowed for other items only if notification is received by us within 3 (three) working days of receipt of goods and all damaged items returned. When receiving goods via any of our carriers, please always check the contents of the pallet/parcel before signing the carrier's delivery note, or sign the delivery note as 'unchecked'. This will then allow you to examine the contents at a later time and advise us if they are not to your complete satisfaction. We are unable to accept claims for goods that are signed for in good condition where they are later found to be damaged.

13.Where replacements for damages are able to be sent in component form, they will be at the sellers's discretion.

14.Prices quoted are all ex-works and do not include VAT. Invoices are sent with goods together with a copy of the packing list. Invoices not sent with the goods will be sent by post. Any quotations provided over the phone or via email are exclusive of VAT.

15.Returns: We offer a collection service for returns.

16.Please contact the Sales office to request a collection, when organising your own return, carriage cost incurred will not be refunded.

17.Restocking of unwanted/over ordered goods will be credited at a cost less 20% (twenty percent).

18.Plinth Bands and Bases will be credited at less 50% (fifty percent). Marble will not be credited.

19.Descriptions:All heights and descriptions in our catalogue and price lists are approximate and are not subject to a guarantee of accuracy.

20.Alterations: We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications or to discontinue any items without prior notice to customers: please check availability when ordering.

21.Acceptance of these terms and conditions: The placing of an order denotes the knowledge and acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.

22.2 By the placing of an order on our website you are giving consent to Goodwill Trophy Company holding email, telephone, fax and address information relating to your company. 
    These may be used by Goodwill Trophy Company Limited to contact you with marketing and sales information or general enquiries.